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Open Access, Open Education and Open Learning has revolutionlised the concept of Education. As a tribute to the number of selfless individuals who have given their time and expertise to the Open Access community, this gateway strives to collate all the efforts under one banner. In this gateway we have tried to assemble a number of electronic resources which will enhance your reading and research along with some Open Data Repositories.

This is just an initial attempt and by no means the resources listed here are exhaustive. The main challenge is to keep the gateway upto date. This is not an individual's contribution but it is once again a community contribution. You are also part of this community. If you come across any OER related material you can send the link to me to the address on the right panel.

While every possible measure has been taken to make this intiative more fruitful, we constantly solicite your comments and observations to enhance this venture.

Latest News

Project Gutenburg is now available through the OpenCourseware link

Project Gutenburg which provides access to close to 60,000 e-books is now available for download for your portable devices as well. It is also available as a CD-ROM and in case you need a copy of all the 60000 books send an email to the administrator. ....


Encyclopedia of Life

Check the Reference Collection for all your Reference questions. Encyclopedia of Life is added to the Reference collection along with Wikipedia and Wikiworks...


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