Library Regulations

Membership Rules Borrowing Penalties

The following Library Regulations have been approved for the benefit of Library users, and are enforced by the University's disciplinary authorities.


Use of the Library

Library Visits

Library Rules

Procedures for Borrowing Materials                                                   

Book Issues

Library Offenses and Penalties

Failure to return borrowed material on date due

Failure to return material on recall by the Librarian

Loss of borrowed material

Unlawful acquisition of Library material and equipment

Disfigurement and Mutilation of Library material and equipment

Other Penalties


  • If a student fails to pay any fines, or other charges, the Librarian will not sign his/her clearance forms at the end of the academic year.


  • If a staff member fails to pay fines or other charges, the Librarian may notify the concerned staff member and have such fines and charges deducted from his/her salary by the Office of the Bursar.

Overdue Charges

Staff members E1.00 per day per item for first 14 days and E2.00 per item thereafter
Students 0.50 per day per item for first 14 days and E1.00 per item thereafter
External Borrowers E2.00 per day per item
Reserved Books E1.00 per hour per item

Membership Fees

External membership E500.00 per annum
Institutional membership E1000.00 per annum
Consultants and Law firms E1500.00 per annum


Mutilation Charges

Recalled Material